Purple Panic

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The boys of Friday, like the boys of summer are turning into a fun bunch. I don’t have kids, myself so I am being surprised all the time. This past Friday, the boys walked into my class, and I asked them, as I always do, if they had written. From two of the boys, I got the expected, “I didn’t finish, I had too much homework.” To my surprise, however, one of the two decided to change his story from a train engineer based drama, to a child prodigy Sax player who wins a major music competition and a lot of money. I am a bit concerned that he will not have time to finish the story, but I’m going to try and roll with what happens, and hopefully he will finish on time. Otherwise, I will publish what he’s written as is and hope the parents aren’t too upset.
My writer of the zoo story is faithfully plugging along with his story and I am waiting to see the results. In the meantime, I had a surprise guest, Zoo boys four year old brother came and hung out with us for a bit, as their mum had to retrieve my other students. I gave him the washable markers that I keep in case the kids want to illustrate their stories, and some paper. He decided he was going to illustrate some snakes for big bro’s story. Which he did with great success. They look like my sister’s Taty’s attempts at drawing a bit, so maybe I’ll start a class for little ones called Scribble Stories. After a bit, instead of using paper he started to draw all over is hand. Here’s what I learned from that:
I don’t know what they wash off with because mum came back and took him home so I could start the class. She SAID she could get washable marker of skin, but I am not convinced. I think he’s spent the last five days running around with faded purple all over his hands. Still, I made a new friend.
My biggest surprise of the day was my third student, he walked into class and announced “I.m finished with my story.”
“Finished? What do you mean finished?”I asked. “What are you going to do for the next two classes.”
Picture me very calmly speaking while inwardly panicking. At this point I am nervous that none of the kids are going to finish on time and that I will have some very irate parents on my hands. But again, I am dealing with kids so I have to expect the unexpected. So we decided that he would write another story, this one to publish, but he was very secretive about the details, so I’ll have to let you know as soon as I do, what that’s about.
Well, that brings us to the end of another incredible installment. Stay tuned, as always more to come.

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