Creative Writing Classes (English Proficiency Required):

Short Story Module:

The classes take students through the five basic elements of plotting a short story, which are outlined below. One whole class will be devoted to the first three elements, with the last two elements combined into their own class. The elements are:

Class 1: Exposition: the beginning
Class 2: Rising Action: introduction of the problem or conflict
Class 3: Climax: the high point
Class 4: Falling Action: winding down
Class 4: Resolution: the end
Class 5: Publish and Share!

We teach the elements using a system of prompts. Each class will have a maximum of two prompts. Children will write for fifteen minutes per prompt. Then, a few of the more intrepid children read aloud. At the end of the five weeks, they will share their stories and “publish” a book that they can take home to their families.

Tutoring Services:

Sessions will follow a curriculum that is specifically designed for the individual student based on their ability and needs, which will be assessed by the teacher during the initial meeting.