What We Do

inkreadablekids_img16The mission of Inkreadable has expanded since Tina’s move to the Netherlands. We have added an English as a Second language (ESL) curriculum to the program that includes conversational English for all levels, Business English, and English Proficiency Exam preparation. In addition we offer Copy Editing services of academic papers as well.

We haven’t forgotten where we came from, however. We want to foster a love of creative writing that remains with children and adults through their life. We believe that the next generation of authors is out there and need a space of support and security in which to express ideas and let imaginations soar. At Inkreadable, we believe in the magic and power of the written word to inspire and change the world.

People who write together form bonds with their peers that are often stronger then bonds formed elsewhere. Workshops encourage people to collaborate as they learn the tools of the writing craft while strengthening their confidence in their abilities to express themselves.