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As you all may remember, (people living in DC are hardly likely to forget), it snowed last Thursday. Everything was shut down, including the Community Center where we run the workshop. The bus unfortunately, didn’t run, so when I wrote that I was stranded in my last post that was the literal truth. I don’t drive, and couldn’t get around. There isn’t anything remarkable about that, really, except that I live just off Connecticut Avenue, which is, 1) a major artery in and out of DC, and 2) a snow route. Thus it is unacceptable that the route was not sufficiently clean so buses could run. Upside: When my other work called me to come in I was able to say absolutely not. Anyhoo, I’ll step down from my soap box now. I had to extend the workshops another week so that they could be made up. Thursday’s sessions extended by a week, but Friday’s sessions were a bit more difficult.

My Friday student wasn’t able to attend class three a couple of weeks ago. In order to make up the classes, I had to get a little bit creative. Collectively, and by that I mean parent and teacher, we decided that I would come to the house and teach the last two classes over two hours on Saturday February 15th. It worked out surprisingly well. And we managed to finish the srory. I was a bit surprised because my student asked me if I’d be willing to type the story out for her. Because, “I can’t really read grown up writing all that well.” I hope that wasn’t a comment on my penmanship, otherwise Aquinas Montessori, I think you better give my parents their money back. So, just as I agreed to hand write the story for her, I also agreed to type it out for her as well. I think you all will agree that I’d better not make a habit of either writing long hand or typing out the story. But just this once…what’s the harm?

The story is an amazing tale of the power of the human spirit and the triumph of man against his greedier instincts. It’s not really all that highbrow, but I’m the grown up and can attach a deeper meaning if I want to. If my students give me their permission, maybe I’ll post the stories to the blog. Right, next up, we are back in session with the thursdays, hijinks and hilarity abound in our next inkreadable installment. Stay tuned.

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