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Although this will be a shorter post, I wanted to deliver on my promise of Tuesday, which was to regale you with Friday’s high jinks. Rising action may have gotten a reality check from my Friday student. Remember last week’s “Stuck”? Well, it was a fluke apparently. This nine year old thinks faster than she can write. So being the super supportive person that I am, I offered to write for her. I assure you the ideas are all her own. I am just her personal dictation device, with the added benefit that I know how to spell. She sent me to Haiti on a ship with two sets of parents, two bffs (don’t worry this abbreviation will get into the OED soon enough I am sure), and one cheerful captain, aka Emma the sidekick’s grandpa. Then she sent the protagonist’s Dad to work, the other parents to a hotel to get settled, and our dynamic duo to explore the island with Gramps. That took forty minutes of furious writing. The last 20 minutes were spent compiling ideas for finishing up the story. At the end of the hour, I also had to contend with a pretty serious hand cramp, and one parent that I had to assure that yes, it was all the daughter’s ideas. Mom and daughter left happy because they’ve already asked me about future classes. They’ve also asked me to change the time they come to 4:15 pm and that actually works better for me as I can go have a bit of fun after. Well, that’s all she wrote in this Inkreadable installment.

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